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The Kennett Square Memorial Day Parade 

Please support, sponsor and attend our patriotic
hometown parade to honor our U.S. military
personnel who died while serving with
devotion, loyalty and commitment
the United States Armed Forces
to keep the freedom we
all enjoy together !

Walk, march, ride and/or drive in our parade with your organization, your company, your family, your church, your non-profit and/or your friends. Local veterans are especially invited to join us and ride in our parade as we honor their military service.

Sign up as a unique public sponsor for our parade with a financial or in-kind gift. Several sponsorship levels are available for every size business, organization or individual.

Just show up with friends and family on May 30 at 10:00 am.
Wave your American Flag and enjoy Kennett Square
as we bask in our Freedom... TOGETHER !!!

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