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Participant Preparation Info
for 2023 Memorial Day Parade

If you are a 2023 Memorial Day Parade participants individual, group or organization, please click on the three PDF file icons below that
contain parade preparation info and parade lineup details. 

Parade Preparation
and Lineup Info Letter

Lineup List Sorted
by Participant Name 

Lineup List Sorted
by Lineup Number 

Participation for our 2023 Parade
is now
We look forward to you joining us next year !!!

Walk, march, ride and/or drive in our parade with your organization, your company, your family, your church, your non-profit and/or your friends. Local veterans are especially invited to join us and ride in our parade as we honor their military service.

Please complete this
Parade Participation Application Form
to join us in the 2023 Kennett Square
Memorial Day Parade

Note: If you have multiple parade entries (e.g., cars), 
please submit multiple application forms - Thanks !

Please select the category of your parade entry...

Participant Category

THANK YOU for submitting your participant entry !!!  

Please assure your submission is confirmed via a message here and also via a return email. - Thanks !
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